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PRESS RELEASE October 2, 2000

"During the time the Wessex Coppice Group has been in existence," she says, "we have demonstrated that there is a huge potential market demand for good quality coppice products from both home and abroad."

"Our marketing drive has stimulated that demand, resulting in full order books for craftsmen and new recruits coming into the industry as they see good career prospects in it.

The knock-on effect is an equivalent demand for the natural resource, with craftsmen willing to pay top prices for top grade hazel."

"With some really good grants available now for woodland restoration and management, we hope to see more owners following the example of this estate and seeing their reward not only from a conservation angle but also as real economic profit."

Linda Glynn, Business Development Manager, Wessex Coppice Group

E-mail: linda.glynn@coppice.org.uk